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By now, their computer and Internet skills should be fairly well developed most
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of cells available for study, we hope that these findings will be broadly applicable in the search for treatments and cures for disease," said Helen M. "Ultimately, we hope that these findings will help prevent, delay or treat age related conditions and diseases, as well as certain devastating genetic diseases of inadequate telomere maintenance." To make this discovery, Blau and colleagues delivered modified mRNA encoding TERT, the enzyme that increases the length of telomeres by adding DNA repeats, to four groups of cells. The first group received modified mRNA encoding TERT, and the other three groups were controls that received either mRNA encoding an inactive form of TERT, the solution in which TERT is delivered, or no treatment. The telomeres
Wholesale jerseys of the first group (telomere extending treatment group) were rapidly lengthened over a period of a few days, whereas the telomeres of the three control groups were not extended. The first group was also able to undergo more cell

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Articles Connexes:

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